Saturday, April 26, 2008

Congress-critters on the Loose

I saw this on several blogs before I posted I apologise in advance if I don't give you the proper credit.

In Newsweek magazine in an article dated 25 APR 08 we read this:

You know there's something wrong when the word areola appears in a bill
circulating on Capitol Hill.Republican Congressman Paul Broun, the representative from Georgia's 10th District, wants to stop the sale of Playboy and Penthouse at military bases around the world, invoking an argument that at the very least is scientifically questionable: that consuming even soft pornography makes men more prone to committing sex crimes. A doctor by profession, Broun says he began drafting the bill after a constituent described her distress at having watched, along with her young children, an officer buy a nudie magazine at a military exchange store. "The military teaches to respect officers, and her little kids were seeing this military officer … there in uniform, buying pornography at the PX," Broun told NEWSWEEK.

To read the entire article please go HERE.

THAT is interesting. You know what else you can buy at the PX? Condoms, Booze,
Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco...where is the good for us all train going to stop?
How about this, Congressman, my kids spotted some officer buying a six pack of
beer, a bottle of KY and a carton of condoms at the PX and he appeared not to be
married...whatever am I to do? If the congressman had any cajones he would say
welcome to the real world lady. But instead he uses this as his stepping stone
to rid us of "porn".

Those who follow this site know that I'm a fan of the female form...find any post with Girl Friday in it and see what I mean. A lot of those photos are from Playboy magazine, the magazine being called out by the congressman. I've seen porn and that isn't me on that.

Playboy doesn't need me to defend them, and I don't really want to, because to be honest there are a lot of things I don't appreciate or agree with (its political stance for one...they believe all conservatives to be fire breathing mullas) about that magazine. But for some person to start this crusade to have that magazine and others like it removed from the PX for "the children" is both ridiculous and big brother-ish.

It's ridiculous in that, even if it was banned from the PX soldiers could still buy a subscription and have it mailed to them, buy if off post and bring it back to the barracks with them or just get it on-line.

It's big brother-ish in that someone presumes to tell us what is good for us. A magazine that is legal and available for purchase around the world is deemed inappropriate for us because to be seen buying it sets a bad example...WOW, what are they going to ban us from buying next because it's bad? Before you know it the only thing the PX will have for sale is water. Oh yeah, there is also some cause and effect where those who read it are more subject to commit sex crimes. Yeah, I'd really like to see the studies on that one.



This is your last warning!

I mean it!

No kidding!

This is your last chance...

You know what I never have posted nudity before on this page, but because some people can't seem to separate the human body from porn here's an example of the former...

You can pretty much see this on the beach in Europe anytime...maybe not someone that attractive, but you get the point. That is about as nasty as Playboy gets...horrible isn't it? Look, I can understand and appreciate if someone doesn't want to look at that. That is their right as much as anyone has the right to buy a magazine with that content. But is that really the worst thing going on that we have to be concerned about?

Considering the things I've seen in two tours in Iraq...the world could use a lot more things like the beautiful lady above.

Fricking idiots.

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