Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Female Bloggers Reveal All...

H/T My Pet Jawa

In hot blog on blog action 5 female bloggers like Amanda Carpenter (pictured below) reveal "everything" about themselves.

Amanda started paying her own bills at 17, paid her own way through college at Ball State after a career ending injury cost her a softball scholarship, and she had, literally, 27 different jobs -- at Levis, Bath And Body Works, cocktail waitressing, the Sunglass Hut, landscaping, etc. -- before she got a full-time position after graduation.

In her senior year, ironically, Amanda wasn't allowed to join the school paper because she wasn't a journalism major, so she started rabblerousing online. She wrote about how the school's tuition money was being spent, she posted professors' salaries, and she started getting more and more attention -- some of it negative -- for her work. Those efforts eventually helped land her a post-college job with Human Events. From there, she moved on to a full-time gig with Townhall. She also blogs at Glamour.

Sounds like she had a hard time holding a job...wonder what the hell is going on there. ;)

For more "revealing" stuff go to THIS PLACE and have your every wish come true...that is if your wish is to read about 5 fem blogers and their adventures in blogging.



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