Friday, February 22, 2008

A Story For Our Times

There was this couple. Fell in love, got married, had a nice life but their plans didn't include kids. At least not right now.

Then one day she was pregnant.

Didn't mean for it to happen, but there it was. As it wasn't in their plans to have kids, there was a lot of gnashing of teeth and examination of income, lifestyles etc. In the end they had the baby.

Flash forward 5 years. The baby is a little boy now. The couple still argues about whether he should have worn a condom or if she "forgot" to take the pill one day. One of them suggests that they just quit feeding the child and the problem will eventually go away. It has been suggested by a third party that they just take the child out back and shoot him and be done with it. Others say the baby seems to be a good child and with some care and attention he might actually grow up and amount to something.

Nobody ever said raising a baby would be easy. As a matter of fact I distinctly recall hearing someone with the initials GWB say it would be a long hard road. But everyone was too busy looking at the baby pictures to hear that...and after the "NEW" wore off some of us are bored and want to do something else. Like have a fling with that exotic looking dude from the next block over. Fricking soap opera.

I hate soap operas. Idiots.



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