Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scarlett Visits the Troops

Actress and all around "hot piece of ass" (I'm sure she'd be flattered by that description, sorry mom) Scarlett Johansson was in Kuwiat reciently visiting and greeting the troops.

B-roll of actress Scarlett Johansson visiting troops in Kuwait as part of the USO Tour. Scenes include service members lining up to see the actress and Scarlet Johanson greeting, taking photos and signing autographs for service members.

For those with a DVIDS account (it's available to anyone willing to share their phone number and e-mail with the feds) here's the link to the video There's not that much to it, except near silent footage of her greeting I didn't post it.

If I'm not mistaken she's had her share of buckethead quotes about the war and such. But she made the effort and that's a lot more than you can say about a lot of them. As much grief as people give Hollywood for its lack of support it was nice to see an actual movie star step up and go see the people out near the pointy end of the stick.

Also there is a story that I found HERE while looking for a suitable photo of her.

Here's a quote from her;

The 23-year-old says: "This USO tour to the Gulf region truly means a lot. I've wanted to go over and visit for some time, and now my moment has arrived.

"It's one thing to reply to a letter or extend your thanks to service members in a speech, but it's another thing to visit them and spend time with those that do so much for us back home."

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