Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Fake Diary of a Fake Soldier

There has been a lot of uproar in the last couple of days (rightfully so) about the atrocities contained in a story by "Scott Thomas" an alleged soldier, allegedly serving at FOB Falcon here in Iraq.

The story contains a lot of sensational charges and stories designed to make the average person reel with revulsion at the abject cruelty that is being committed in our name, by our poor brainwashed soldiers in Iraq.

I won't even attempt to address the motives of the person who wrote that piece of tripe. I will however say that the fact that a magazine would print or post to the INTERNET this stuff and present it as being true shows the contempt and utter lack of understanding they have of the culture surrounding today's military.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people in the US Military who do wrong horrible things. The military is a reflection of the society and as such we have our share of depraved and sick minds. The thing that makes me believe this is made up is the fact that if someone did do the things described in the article they wouldn't get away with it. People would not accept it or stand for it. Even if heaven forbid, they were OK with what the "Soldier" was doing (like wearing part of a human skull as a crown) they would stop it, because they know others wouldn't be OK with it and that to allow something like that to happen would be the end of many a career.

There is a gulf that exists between the military and some in the press. A gulf some don't even care to try and cross. For those who have been educated by watching "Platoon", "Full Metal Jacket" and other motion pictures that feature all the depravity that the mind can imagine and then believe that is what being a Soldier is all about, it's easy to imagine that stories like this one, and Marines murdering civilians in cold blood are true. It conforms to the reality they know because that's all they know. They haven't taken the time, nor do they wish to find out what the military is really like. Why would they wish to associate with the troglodytes who would condone and commit such acts?

On top of their dislike of who and what we are, you can add that they are actively opposed to the war itself and some see opposing and stopping the war anyway they can trumps being objective or looking for the greater truth.

We in the military can try and reach out to council, teach and mentor these people but it is after all a free country (you're welcome). So if the majority of the press isn't willing to learn then what are we to do?

I guess we can continue to point out inaccuracies, and downright lies where we see them for a start. But with friends like these do we really need enemies?

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