Friday, March 17, 2006

BBQ and Idiots on the Interstate

I had Friday off, so I decided to take a drive up I-35 to Waco and go to my favorite BBQ establishment, Viteks BBQ.

A small mom and pop operation located off I-35 near Baylor University, Viteks is known by many for the "Gut Pack". A concoction made from BBQ, Fritos, Cheese, JalapeƱos and some other's quite popular but, it's not my cup of tea. I've been going to Viteks since I was in high school, mostly getting the same thing, a hot link sandwich followed by a sliced beef sandwich with lots of sauce. With a pickle and chips on the side washed down by an ice cold Dr Pepper...awesome stuff. A heart attack waiting to happen. It was not to be however, due to Quad P (piss poor prior planning) I failed to account for the fact that Viteks was closed for spring break.

Spring break also explained the traffic on I-35. And speaking of traffic, when did it become OK for your slow driving ass to hang out in the left lane? Now I personally don't care if you drive over there as long as you move over when faster traffic comes along. But somewhere down the line...I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's when they took drivers education out of the public schools...drivers quit driving "Texas Friendly". I-35 is road rage waiting to happen. If I weren't already inviting heart attack by shoveling down loads of BBQ, the self induced stress from driving this highway would do the trick.

SO after the interstate lunacy and the disappointment of my favorite BBQ joint being closed I went to the back-up plan, Uncle Dan's Rib House. Located a few blocks from my parents old house Uncle Dan's is a Waco tradition. I had the two meat combo with brisket and sausage with two sides of chili beans and cole slaw finishing up with a 32 ounce iced almost made me forget about the traffic.

If you're ever in Waco check out Viteks or Uncle Dan's you won't be disappointed.

I know this will sound strange to those not from the central Texas area, but it was great to get back to Texas for a change. I enjoy my job, but being around soldiers 24/7 can just flat ass wear you down after a while. Good thing I'm not deploying soon or anything like that...HA!



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