Friday, March 17, 2006

Seinfeld's writers are jerks...SUPRISE!

Former ‘Seinfeld’ writers win film prize
‘Live Free or Die’ is quirky comedy set in New Hampshire

Updated: 3:24 p.m. ET March 16, 2006
AUSTIN, Texas - Ever wonder what happens when a couple of former “Seinfeld” scribes try their hand at writing and directing their first movie?

No not really, but I bet you will tell me anyway.

They end up winning one of the top prizes at the South by Southwest film festival.

I enjoy Seinfeld. I think it's one of the most consistantly funny shows that ever appeared on TV. That being said the stuff coming out of the writers mouth in reference to the setting of their now award winning movie doesn't suprise me at all.

“The state’s trying really hard,” Robin chimes in. “It’s got kind of a dumb, in-your-face attitude which is evident by the state motto. You know, ’Live Free or Die,’ everything’s so extreme.

I've never been to New Hampshire so I don't know the accuracy of their accusations. I also don't know if that was their attempt at being funny...because it's not really that funny. It's like when James Rosen former White House corrispondant for Fox News chose to crack wise about Crawford and Waco, Texas in an article for the "American Spectator." When you are the one with advantage, with more money and supposedly more education it is considered rude and not funny to talk crap about your hosts. I may have ID'd the source of these guys problem...

Kavet and Robin, both 37, met while studying at Harvard and writing for the Lampoon. They thought New Hampshire would provide a great source of comedy, especially compared to Vermont and Maine, which Robin described as more “effete.” They took their title from the state’s motto, inspired by the Revolutionary War, and shot the movie there over 21 days.

I haven't seen the movie...for all I know it's funny as hell. There's jsut something going on here that doesn't sit well with me...but I could be wrong.

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