Sunday, February 26, 2006

Can We Sue Playboy For False Advertising?

Behold the lovely Jessica Alba on the cover of Playboy magazine...on your newsstands now!

Now if I were to take a poll, how many of you would reasonably believe that this woman would be appearing sans clothing in this particular issue? Show of hands. Those of you who voted yes for Jessica being in the altogether would be sadly disappointed.

What kind of cheap ploy is that to try and get people to buy your magazine? Of course you can't sue them because nowhere on the cover does it state that she will be in fact nude...they are playing on the fact that you know that Playboy is known for pictures of women, sometimes celebrities, in the nude.

This is just another sign, along with that train wreck of of TV show where three girls compete to see who stays around long enough to get Hef's inheritance, that Playboy has indeed jumped the shark.

What used to be a magazine that could be counted on to provide high quality pictures of beautiful women and pretentious articles tells us how we should think is now reduced to tricking people into buying it by putting a woman on the cover that is popular but not naked.

What is this world coming to?

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