Monday, February 20, 2006

It's been a year now!

Next week it will be one year since I arrived back in Texas from my first OIF experience...this anniversary and the fact that I will be returning to the sand box this year has caused me to give some thought to some things.

The things that I will and have missed:
My family and friends.
Being able to drive my car to the store 24/7 and get whatever I want.
Good food (Yeah, the contractors (the evil KBR) try their best and really do a pretty good job...but it ain't chicken fried steak or Mexican food)
Going to the movies.
The "Good Ole' USA" there's nothing that will make you appreciate what we have here more than spending some time in a third world s#!t hole)
Along with the "Good Ole' USA" comes the American Woman (thanks Guess Who!), I wrote a little bit about this when I started this blog. I wrote a piece called "Where For Art Thou Juliet...and Kiran?" that explained my feeling s on this subject. (on an unrelated note, I was bored one day and looking at my site stats, I noticed that there are a lot of folks out there looking for pictures of Juliet Huddy...interesting and strange)

One of the things I will remember for the rest of my life is the welcome we received be it at Bangor Mane or when we got back to was awesome.

I'm sure anyone familiar with the war has heard about the folks at the Bangor airport, we arrived there at 2 AM and there was easily 20 folks waiting to give us cookies, cell phones to use and just say welcome home. When we left Bangor enroute to Fortress Hood, I for one didn't expect what we would encounter there. The plane landed at 0700HRS and as the door opened I could hear the 1st Cav band playing Gerryowen, at the bottom of the stairs was the obligatory General Officer and other people I didn't know and at the moment didn't care about either. We got on the bus and went to turn in our weapons. When that was done we were off to the Division Headquarters to get our bags and meet the friends and family that were waiting.

Whomever planned what occurred next should have a career in Hollywood or at least get a medal. The busses carrying the Task Force took a round-a-bout route to the HQ and I remember at the time being rather annoyed that they wouldn't just get it over with. In reality they were taking the busses around so that when we pulled up in front of the building and the crowd that the doors of the bus were facing away from them. As we got off the buses they remaining in place shielding us from view. Then as the unit was called to attention the busses pulled away revealing the unit to the crowd. There was cheering, the band was playing, the horse platoon was there...and then we marched forward to the stands. Some guy said something that was mercifully short and we were dismissed. That was a feeling I'll never forget.

And now here we go again...

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