Saturday, September 06, 2008

Flags...They aren't just for conventions anymore.

I don't care who did this really...throwing it in the garbage is not the way one would dispose of a flag you don't want anymore.

But at the Democratic convention, unused or unwanted flags are thrown in the garbage like so much swept up confetti or popped ballons...just another used party favor to be gotten rid of.

From Dirty Harry's Place comes the link to this piece out of the Denver Post.

This morning, Republicans tell me that a worker at Invesco Field in Denver saved thousands of unused flags from the Democratic National Convention that were headed for the garbage. Guerrilla campaigning. They will use these flags at their own event today in Colorado Springs with John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Before McCain speaks today, veterans will haul these garbage bags filled with flags out onto the stage — with dramatic effect, no doubt — and tell the story.

“What you see in the picture I sent you is less than half of total flags,” a Republican official emailed. “We estimate the total number to be around 12,000 small flags and one full size 3×5 flag.”

Sad...just f@#king SAD.



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