Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No I'm The Surge...

From Vets For Freedom...

God bless them for what they are doing. But for the love of all that is good, SEN Obama isn't going to take yours or anyone else's phone call. He's too invested in the notion of a bad America forcing their will on the CHANGE.

Yeah, I was part of the surge too. Yeah, we were killing AQI by the bushel load. Yeah, violence dropped significantly while I was there and it's continued to drop as Iraqis stand up and take back their country. But if anyone believes that the Democratic party will acknowledge our success they are as delusional as the people protesting in Denver. They are too invested in tying the war to the Republican party and as such they can't afford for us to win the war, politically.

Unfortunately THEY decided to make the war and soldiers into a political issue. It's shameful and it's them putting themselves and their party before country. Which runs totally counter to anything I've ever been taught and the things that I believe in.

Call if you must...and call me a cynic, I don't see anything happening. Don't get me wrong I'll be happy if it does, but these people (DEMs) have demonstrated their self centered power grabbing behavior time and again.


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